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Convicted SoCal pedophile denied release

| July 31, 2008 at 10:06 pm

The Associated Press – SANTA ANA, Calif.—A convicted pedophile who became the public face of Megan’s Law in the 1990s was denied his bid for release from a state mental facility on Thursday.An Orange County Superior Court jury determined Sid Landau, 69, was still a threat to society and should remain hospitalized in state custody, where he has been held for eight years.

Two previous juries deadlocked on whether Landau should be released.

Dressed in a blue-and-white checkered shirt, the gray-haired Landau looked down at the table, sighed and whispered to his lawyer, “I’m going to die in jail,” according to the Los Angeles Times.


Suspected pedophile busted in Côte-des-Neiges

| at 06:00 pm

by Shuyee Lee – CJAD NEWSTALK RADIO  - A 65-year-old Côte-des-Neiges man faces child porn charges and police are concerned Montreal children could be possible victims.

Montreal police Sergeant Detective Marco Breton tells CJAD News two five-year-old girls were approached by a man who showed them kiddie porn pictures including video camera images of him masturbating. It happened at the corner of Mountain Sights and Ferrier at about 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 20.

Breton says one of the girls’ mothers noticed what was going on and detained him with the help of the other mom and a neighbour until police arrived. He put up a fight, pushing one person and hitting another. He also allegedly tried to erase the pictures and get rid of the photos by throwing them under a parked car. (more…)

Alleged pedophile to be escorted

| at 11:43 am

by ČTK, CESKENOVINY.CZ - Prague- The Czech police will hand Irish citizen Patrick Burnell, who is suspected of abuse of several children, to their British colleges at Prague’s international airport on Tuesday, Petr Gruber, from the Czech criminal police, told CTK today.

A Czech court decided on Monday that Burnell, 21, will be extradited for criminal prosecution in Britain.

Burnell who the police say sexually abused 16 children in Britain in 2003-2006 faces up to life sentence his homeland if found guilty. (more…)

Worker spots suspected pedophile

| at 11:21 am

By Tiffany Mayer, OSPREY NEWS NETWORK - Her official job title is hostess at the Russell Avenue Community Centre. But Grace Black would say “a little bit receptionist, a little bit secretary” would also do when it comes to describing what she does.

“It’s really a little bit of everything,” said Black, who has worked at the centre for 2 1/2 years.

Two weeks ago, a little bit of everything included tipping off authorities that a person with the same name as a person convicted of assaulting children was frequenting the centre, which is also a popular spot for youth.

Now a St. Catharines city councillor wants to recognize Black with a letter from council expressing gratitude for the job she does at the centre. (more…)

Rude behavior lands KC lawyer in jail

| at 11:03 am

ASSOCIATED PRESS - SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — An attorney’s rude behavior has earned him a four-month stay in the Greene County Jail.

Greene County Circuit Court Judge Tom Mountjoy sentenced Kansas City lawyer Carlos D. Romious to 120 days in jail last week because of Romious’ “rude and angry” demeanor toward the judge.

It’s unclear from court records what ultimately led Mountjoy to incarcerate Romious, but the judgment of contempt Mountjoy filed on July 24 outlines past outbursts by Romious in the judge’s courtroom.

Romious was representing Alton L. Vaughn, of St. Charles, in a jury trial for allegedly defrauding eight people from December 2003 to May 2005. (more…)

Aussie politician: Gay trainer equals pedophile

| at 02:00 am

Jack Talk Blog, OUTSPORTS.COM - Jeff Kennett, the ex-premier of Victoria state in Australia, backed the firing of a trainer for the Bonnie Doon [Australian Rules] Football Club after it learned he was gay. He equated the trainer’s sexuality with being a pedophile. The Herald Sun newspaper reported Kennett’s defense of Bonnie Doon firing Ken Campagnolo (photo):

“The club felt that once this had been pointed out and you had this gentleman there who was obviously close to young men — massaging young men — it ran an unnecessary risk and that’s why it decided it was best that he not perform those duties again. So the club was trying to do the right thing,” Mr Kennett said.

“It’s the same if you have a pedophile there as a masseur, right? And you might say the pedophile would do no damage, but once it was pointed out to you, you have a duty of care to those underage children not to put them in a situation of risk.” (more…)