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Social network hosts child pornography

| February 23, 2009 at 07:46 am

Mexico City (21 February 2009) .- The hi5 social network used to find old friends and make new acquaintances, but also to exchange pictures and videos of child pornography and even seek sexual encounters with minors in Mexico.

This is the case for over a year in the “young gay mexico 13-19″ that 2 thousand 032 members exchange information and make appointments to meet.

Until Thursday February 19 also operates the “gay Mexican Children (under 18 years) with 761 members and which REFORMA detected in the messages that are shared links to download pictures and videos of child pornography and messages from people seeking to have sex with minors.

From this Thursday and after that worked without interruption since November 21 last year, he and two other similar groups appear as inactive.

However, “young gay mexico 13-19″ continued to operate as it has since January 28, 2008.

Exchange videos of children having sex “offers since February 15 after the user” alex “is part of the group and said to live in Colombia. To do so gives a hotmail address to “Alex Dias.”

Another of the group gives the link to your blog, in which there are comics Hentai style of children having sex.

In “Children of gay Mexico (under 18 years)” a user identified as “Pedrín” and who claims to have 15 years and live in Mexico rose 13 web addresses to download videos in which children watched with apparent ages between 10 and 15 years in various sexual practices among themselves and with adults. (more…)