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Recent Investigations show that pedophiles in Argentina and Venezuela are usually highly educated

| April 10, 2009 at 03:07 pm

This week the courts of Aragua-Caracas, Venezuela, issued sentences ranging from 20 to 25 years in prison for members of two groups that organized and filmed acts of pedophilia and disseminated them over the Internet.

The cases do not appear to be linked, however, both men were highly educated (engineers), and held stable jobs. One of the men, Bernardo Nouel Calcaño was teaching at an institute of higher learning.

These features attracted the attention of the international press. Two stories were issued in 2007, simultaneously with the arrest in Argentina; psychologist Jorge Corsi, professor of family violence at the University of Buenos Aires, reported crimes attributed to them in Venezuela Edelmiro Guerreiro Carlos Ascanio and Nouel Calcaño of 44 years and 39 years old, respectively.

The psychiatrist Verde Francisco Acosta, secretary general of the Venezuelan Society of Forensic Medicine, explained that these people have a sexual disorder, but when they are fully charged they are able to differentiate between good and evil.

“Pedophiles are in control. They know what they are doing is not right.

His reasoning ability enables him to know the consequences of the act committed, both to themselves and to children and society in general, “he said. (more…)