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Bixby’s Eckhard Gasnik arrested in Washington on charges of sexual abuse

| August 17, 2011 at 05:02 pm

Child sexual abuseAlthough Eckhard Gasnik made it to the airport before Bixby police arrived at his Bixby residence, he was later apprehended in Ocean Park, Washington. He’s headed back to Tulsa.

Says Det. Sgt. Andrew Choate of the Bixby Police Department, on Aug. 4, 2011, Bixby officers conducted a search warrant on the Gasnik residence, 10525 E. 121st St. S., with the intentions of arresting Gasnik as well as searching the property. (more…)

Redefining pedophilia with pedophiles’ help

| at 04:52 pm

Banco solitario // Lonely bench “Minor-attracted persons” say we need to rethink how the mental illness is defined — and some experts agree

We usually hear pedophilia talked about in terms of mental illness — if not evil — but Aug. 17 a motley crew of self-identified “minor-attracted persons” and mental health professionals have gathered in Boston to talk about it as a sexual identity. At hand is an issue deeply important to both groups: the revision of the diagnostic criteria for pedophilia. (more…)