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Two Catholic Nuns Arrested for the Torture of Over 60 Orphans


Neighbors submitted a number of claims and complaints to the local police regarding the cries and screams of children, during all hours of the day. The accusations caught the attention of Popayán city’s police department in Cauca, who started an in-depth investigation of the situation, which culminated in the arrest of two catholic sisters under suspicion of child abuse, the victims being the children who inhabit the orphanage.

Sisters Inés Pérez and Rosa Elvira Tróchez Joagui were both in charge of the Renacer Santa Clara Orphanage in Popayán city, situated in the southeast of Colombia, and have now been arrested under suspicion of child abuse, accused of torturing the 65 children who inhabit the orphanage.

The curious part of the investigation is the fact that the District Attorney could not find the church branch sister Inés Pérez belongs to, despite the fact that, for years, she has acted in representation of the Foundation, and is now accused of abusing minors from 2014 to 2017.

Two Catholic Nuns Arrested for the Torture of Over 60 Orphans

According to testimonies gathered by the District Attorney, victims showed clear signs of burns in their hands. Victims also claimed to have been forced to cut their hair, and even being made to put their heads inside toilets.

Despite the allegations, the District Attorney chose to let the women go free on account of their advanced age as well as the disabilities they suffer. However, the District Attorney ordered the city hall to close down the Foundation for the sake of all the abused children.


Child Molester Karl Toft, Whose Victim Count Reached 200, is Found Dead Inside His Cell in a Canadian Prison


The first time, Karl Toft was tried and convicted by a court of law on 34 sexual assault charges. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

However, the pedophile later confessed to the abuse of 200 other children. As he had not yet been tried on those assaults, it is suspected they are the main reason for his suicide.

Through the years, Toft admitted being attracted to minors, illness he suffered since the age of 16, when he worked as a Scout leader.

Child Molester Karl Toft, Whose Victim Count Reached 200, is Found Dead Inside His Cell in a Canadian Prison

In a 2008 interview with the Edmonton Sun, Toft admitted that, despite his age, he still felt attracted to minors – who felt the same towards him, he said, commenting on his victim’s inability to resist his height and body mass.

Through the years, contact – and even the presence of nearby children –made life more difficult, reason why he started avoiding public transport and even daily shopping trips, reason why he mainly went grocery shopping during late night hours, when children were unlikely to be around.

Charles Ingles, another inmate at the same prison Toft was serving his sentence, said he met Karl Toft in a Christian group created by inmates, where religious scripts and divine mandates are the main topics of discussion.

Child Molester Karl Toft, Whose Victim Count Reached 200, is Found Dead Inside His Cell in a Canadian Prison

Ingles also said that, after a long search for salvation in his religion, Toft’s sense of guilt made him unable to relate to others and that, in his opinion, suicide was the only way he found to achieve both peace and salvation.

Pedophiles Ashamed of Their Condition


Different pathologies affect different people, and it is not easy to understand the pains a stranger may be going through when we have not walked a mile in their shoes. From this premise, BBC journalist Catherine Burns got in touch with a pedophile in the hopes of understanding the difficulties of living with this little understood, but always judged condition.

The man she contacted is in his early twenties, and describes himself as “the weird guy”, despite looking like a perfectly normal man.

For his own safety, he asked the journalist not to reveal his name.

The man confessed he has always been attracted to minors — boys no older than 15. He also added that he would never hurt a child, since he believes that due to his attraction to them, it falls to him to keep them safe.

Pedophiles Ashamed of Their Condition

He describes himself as a regular person, who enjoys going to the movies with his friends, playing videogames and hanging out with his loved ones. However, he feels different from others around him, and cannot explain how, since his early childhood, he developed an attraction to younger boys.

“It all started when I was 13, I was attracted to younger boys and couldn’t understand why. I felt that only grown men could be “pedophiles.” As I grew up, the ages of the boys I was interested in remained the same, and in fact it went even lower.”

The man calls himself an “anti-contact” pedophile, and admits knowing many others who suffer the same condition, admitting their attraction to children but understanding that abusing them is wrong.

Pedophiles Ashamed of Their Condition

“I grow angry whenever I see news about minors being abused, which is why I agreed to this interview. Many times, the pedophiles shown in the news — the criminals — are not actual pedophiles. They suffer from different pathologies. I would rather kill myself before hurting a child. What I feel for them is more emotional than physical. I wish to care for them, and protect them.”

It is important to note that “anti-contact” groups exist in order to help people with this condition, as they often feel ostracized from society since admitting to their pathology could mean social isolation, and even prison time. For this reason, these groups are formed in an almost clandestine way and always emphasizing anonymity, in order for the users to safely share their stories and receive support.


Young North American Woman Tells How She Met Her Kidnapper on The Internet


Many years have gone by since Alicia Kizakiewicz was kidnapped at the age of 13, and despite the fact that she never meant it to happen, she hopes that by talking about her experience, other young people may be inspired to remain safe with meeting new people online.

It has been 24 years since the incident, which led to the creation of a new law in the US that bears her name. All in the name of helping young people understand the dangers to which they expose themselves to when talking to strangers on the internet.

Kizakiewicz speaks of what she went through that long-gone Christmas, when she thought she would meet the “boy” she spent hours talking with through her computer, telling him of her troubles and most private secrets.

“He would listen to me day and night, as well as give me advice. he was both someone i could complain to about everything i hated, as well as someone who could make me feel good during those 8 months before i kidnapping.”

Then, on New Year’s, the mysterious internet stranger asked Alicia out to celebrate the New Year together, and since they were already friends, she did not hesitate to accept his invitation.

Little did she imagine that it would be the start of a terrible ordeal.

Be good, stay quiet,” Alicia says were the words that the man, who kept her captive in his basement, told her.

After four entire days of suffering, when all hope seemed lost, the FBI found her naked, weak and almost unconscious.

Young North American Woman Tells How She Met Her Kidnapper on The Internet

Hoping to make the best of her experience, Alicia now offers talks to children and teenagers about the dangers they can find online, and how we can stay safe while browsing the web.

Alicia’s kidnapper, Scott Tyree, was captured and later pledged guilty to the charge of moving a minor across state lines with the intent of sexually abusing her. He was sentenced to 19 years and 7 months of prison time.

Do You Know How Much of The World Population is Considered a Pedophile?


It has been some time since Pope Francis claimed that 2% of catholic priests are pedophiles, and despite the scandal the news inspire when it first came out, the true mystery lies in the source the Pope used to get to that number. What studies exist to back the claim up?

Based on how difficult pedophilia, as a pathology, is to identify on symptoms alone, we must ask how can anyone reach a number – be it close or just an approximation – of people who suffer from it?

Do You Know How Much of The World Population is Considered a Pedophile?

Forensic psychologist Michael Seto, from the Royal Ottawa Healthcare, published a book in 2005 in which he claims that a total of 5% of the world population suffers from pedophilia. He bases the number on surveys taken in Germany, Norway and Finland, in which hundreds of men were asked if at any point in their lived they had any sexual thought that included a child, or if they had witnessed a sexual act that included a child.

Seto divides the pedophiles by age groups, arguing that many men feel attraction to 18-20 years old, which can be considered “normal”. The number of those attracted to people of 14 years old or less, however, are considerably lower – only 2%. Those attracted to even younger people, then, fall into the 1% of the entire world population.

Do You Know How Much of The World Population is Considered a Pedophile?

In regards to the number offered by Pope Francis, if we assume it was based on Michael Seto’s investigation, the number must come from the age range that goes between 1 and 12 year olds.

Based on a study made by Philip Jenkins, from the Texas Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, we can assume that the number of pedophiles worldwide does in fact fall between 1% and 2%, since the age ranges in his studies coincide with the ones in Michael Seta’s.


Woman Finds Rapist in Her House


After getting home and finding a man in her daughter’s room, a scared woman in Blakely, Georgia decided to take justice in her own hands and shoot the rapist on the head.

Michael Lindsey is the name of the man, who’s part of the list published by the State of Georgia, Georgia Sex Offender Registry, since 1999 when he was found guilty for accusing a minor.

Reports indicate that the woman locked herself in a room with her daughter after the shooting, the, she called 911 to report the incident. The police found the 52 year-old-man dead on the doorway.

According to Captain Will Caudill, County Investigator, the house had already been trespassed by the man twice and it’s believed that it might have been Lindsey, trying to find an easy way in: 

“We plan to present our findings to the district attorney’s office, a standard practice on these type cases, and they can decide what action, if any, should be taken.”

The woman’s identity has been kept private for legal reasons and for her own safety.

18-Year-Old Pedophile Got Arrested After Admitting He’s Abused of Over 50 Children


Joseph Hayden Boston, an 18-year-old Californian, got arrested after confessing to his own mother he had molested two children – age 8 and 4- in the motel where he was staying over the weekend.

The two young boys were also staying in the facility with their parents, and allegedly, their parents had allowed them to go into the suspect’s room.

Boston, who was handed to the police by his own mother, had confessed molesting about 50 children since he was 10 years old in different places where he has lived. Detectives from the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit assisted in the investigation, where the suspect was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Centre, with a bail set at $1m.

18-Year-Old Pedophile Got Arrested After Admitting He’s Abused of Over 50 Children

The US police posted the following update on Facebook on Saturday:

“Hours later, the suspect called his own mother stating what he had just done.

Officers interviews the suspect and he confessed to sexually assaulting the two juvenile victims in his motel room”.

Police units believe that all the other victims of Boston’s abuse will come forward soon, as they’re are already asking for anyone with information to contact the local police.

Pedophile Priest Was Found Dead at His Massachusetts Home


The corpse of a pedophile priest was found at his Massachusetts home after being stabbed many times on his chest. Also, the police report indicated injuries of a very large blade being inserted into his rectum, which ended up on fatally damaging several of his internal organs, which made him bleed to death.

The police believed the aggression was made by more than one person, as it was hard to believe that only one person could’ve done all the harm and not being hurt by its victim. As well as the damages mentioned above, the assailant removed the genitals of the priest.

Pedophile Priest Was Found Dead at His Massachusetts Home

Father Archambault was the name of the priest who had been accused of abusing 29 children on multiple occasions, with victims being 5 to 11 years old. And even when only 26 cases were officially investigated by the Vatican, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to conclude the other three cases, it was decided to forbid the sins and to leave it as a church matter, leaving the police out of the case.

The families of the victims were outraged by how the Church uncovered the criminal, asking for real justice. And as a response, the Church only published an open letter to the families stating that the case is now declared closed.

Pedophile Priest Was Found Dead at His Massachusetts Home

On the other hand, the Catholic Church released a statement expecting to bring the priest’s killers to justice on the near future.

5 Foundations for Sexually Abused Victims


After a person or a child has been a victim of sexual abuse, it is hard for them to openly talk about how they feel, as they tend to get self-conscious and retracted. It is important for them to have places such as the foundations mentioned below to feel welcomed, to feel good and understood, as the process to rebuild trust and confidence can be hard and difficult.

There are hundreds of foundations across the world dedicated to give back a little bit of what’s been taken from the victims. However, here a five of the most renown ones in America:

WINGS Foundation

This foundation understands that there is no specific method to help victims of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), as we are all different and we all deal with our demons differently. So, they take care all of the resources around us to support and build a team that can personally help each one of its patients.

WINGS is an acronym for “Women Incested Needing Group Support”, coining the verb “incested”.

Joyful Heart

Joyful Heart is a foundation created in 2004, and since its creation, it has raised more than $33.5 million to end sexual assault worldwide and it has received $147.7 million in in-kind and donated services.

This foundation with hubs in New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu has been great help to hundreds of victims, who have found here the help and support they didn’t find elsewhere.

5 Foundations for Sexually Abused Victims

Surviving Abuse

Prevention, Justice, and Healing, that’s the moto of this foundation created by the Brown Sisters, a couple of musician siblings that have been performing as a group act and soloists all over the world, with more than 500 concerts across the United States only.

“Surviving Abuse” was created with the intention of helping the victims of sexual abuse everywhere, as well as creating campaigns to prevent it from happening.


RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. It has helped more than 2.5 million people since its creation in 1994.

RAINN works along with other local organizations as the DoD Safe Helpline to prevent sexual violence, and to ensure that abusers pay for their crimes.


Is dedicated to work towards the elimination of the sexual violence through education, social change, and program support. Its initiatives have been created to specifically suit each one of its patients, and to, in the future, completely eradicate sexual assault and violence from the world.

LaFASA also works as a coalition agency that offers education and professional training to all those who are looking to help others, stating that if we are more helping, there will be less causing harm.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, don’t doubt it no more, ask for help. There are many organizations willing to help you and to make justice. Life is a beautiful experience that doesn’t have to be painful. With love and compassion, even the deepest cut can heal.

Celebrities That Were Bullied as Kids


We all know these celebrities as big influencers on pop culture, their lives have been exposed so many times for us to judge and admire. They all seem to be all happy and gracious. However, sometimes things aren’t exactly as we see them. Here you’ll find 5 celebrities that were bullied during their school years:

Christian Bale

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsWe all may know this British actor for his role of Batman on The Dark Knight trilogy. However, this talented man used to be brutally bullied in school for his love for acting and the performing arts. Bale tells he used to get beaten up for other schoolmates when they found out he was taking acting lessons after school. Also, he assures that it never stopped him for loving that he did, and because of that, he is now one of the most wanted actors to work with in Hollywood.

Demi Lovato

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsWithout a doubt, this young Disney star has been though a lot, the most interesting part of it is that she has always been very open with her personal life and her struggles with drugs and self-esteem. Lovato also states that during her early high school years (the time when she started working on the Barney show) the other school kids couldn’t understand why she was appearing on television alongside the purple dinosaur, so they started bullying her. The bullying carried on as she went older, even reaching her stardom status, when people pressured her to look a certain way. She is now much better, a Grammy-Award nominee and considered one of the best voices of her generation.

Lady Gaga

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsThis Grammy and Golden Globe super star tells how bad she had it when she was growing up. Her theatrical interest and her passion for music made her feel like a freak during her time in school. Being this the main reason to write music and all her commercial success, Gaga isn’t shy when talking about how depressing her high school years were. Luckily, this made her stronger and now, due to her fame and influential power, she was created campaigns to eradicate bullying across America and the world.

 Charlize Theron

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsThis South African beauty struggled with an abusive father from a very long part of her childhood. Her mother and her used to deal with the man’s addiction to alcohol and her brutal behaviour. However, it all changed one day, when her mother, sick and tired of the abuse, shot the man in self defense. Theron grew up to be one of Hollywood’s most admirable actresses, being an Academy Award winner and a respectable name in the industry.


Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsConsidered the ultimate Queen of Pop, Madonna has topped the tabloids many times for her outlandish fashion style and her lyrics full of criticism to whatever she feels is wrong. Nevertheless, Madonna was raped when she was only 19 years old, even when it gave her strength to carry on with life, later in life she suffered mental and physical abuse from her ex-husband Sean Penn. It’s been a long way and time since then, and just like a Phoenix, she has stood up from the ashes.

As you can see, just like you, these big stars have overcome bullying and abuse. If you’re going through a tough phase, do not hesitate to contact a helpline or call somebody for help. You’re not alone, and abusers must pay for what they’ve done.