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A Couple Charged For Child Abuse In Their Baby’s Co-Sleeping Death

| January 10, 2012 at 01:38 pm

child maltreatmentA Utah couple’s three-month-old was suffocated to death while sleeping in bed with his parents. It gets worse — this is the SECOND child to die in their bed! The doctors warned them not to co-sleep!

The Utah Court of Appeal upheld the child abuse charges against Trevor Merrill and Echo Nielsen after their son Kayson Merill died in 2006 from suffocating in their bed, according to The Daily Mail. Their 24-day-old daughter died the SAME exact way in 2006, but they obviously didn’t learn!

The baby was put to sleep on his back, but found dead on his stomach. Too young to roll over himself, the infant stopped breathing. Because a daughter had died three years earlier from the same accident, judges ruled that she knew the risks.

The couple was charged with child-abuse homicide and reckless endangerment, and they plead not guilty.

“The allegation is these defendants had been told not to sleep with the child and chose to sleep with the child, and as a result the child is dead,” Salt Lake County District Attorney Lohra Miller told KSL.com. “Co-sleeping is a very dangerous thing to do. Many young parents are told this over and over again by their doctors, that they shouldn’t sleep with their child in the bed.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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