Celebrities That Were Bullied as Kids


We all know these celebrities as big influencers on pop culture, their lives have been exposed so many times for us to judge and admire. They all seem to be all happy and gracious. However, sometimes things aren’t exactly as we see them. Here you’ll find 5 celebrities that were bullied during their school years:

Christian Bale

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsWe all may know this British actor for his role of Batman on The Dark Knight trilogy. However, this talented man used to be brutally bullied in school for his love for acting and the performing arts. Bale tells he used to get beaten up for other schoolmates when they found out he was taking acting lessons after school. Also, he assures that it never stopped him for loving that he did, and because of that, he is now one of the most wanted actors to work with in Hollywood.

Demi Lovato

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsWithout a doubt, this young Disney star has been though a lot, the most interesting part of it is that she has always been very open with her personal life and her struggles with drugs and self-esteem. Lovato also states that during her early high school years (the time when she started working on the Barney show) the other school kids couldn’t understand why she was appearing on television alongside the purple dinosaur, so they started bullying her. The bullying carried on as she went older, even reaching her stardom status, when people pressured her to look a certain way. She is now much better, a Grammy-Award nominee and considered one of the best voices of her generation.

Lady Gaga

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsThis Grammy and Golden Globe super star tells how bad she had it when she was growing up. Her theatrical interest and her passion for music made her feel like a freak during her time in school. Being this the main reason to write music and all her commercial success, Gaga isn’t shy when talking about how depressing her high school years were. Luckily, this made her stronger and now, due to her fame and influential power, she was created campaigns to eradicate bullying across America and the world.

 Charlize Theron

Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsThis South African beauty struggled with an abusive father from a very long part of her childhood. Her mother and her used to deal with the man’s addiction to alcohol and her brutal behaviour. However, it all changed one day, when her mother, sick and tired of the abuse, shot the man in self defense. Theron grew up to be one of Hollywood’s most admirable actresses, being an Academy Award winner and a respectable name in the industry.


Celebrities That Were Bullied as KidsConsidered the ultimate Queen of Pop, Madonna has topped the tabloids many times for her outlandish fashion style and her lyrics full of criticism to whatever she feels is wrong. Nevertheless, Madonna was raped when she was only 19 years old, even when it gave her strength to carry on with life, later in life she suffered mental and physical abuse from her ex-husband Sean Penn. It’s been a long way and time since then, and just like a Phoenix, she has stood up from the ashes.

As you can see, just like you, these big stars have overcome bullying and abuse. If you’re going through a tough phase, do not hesitate to contact a helpline or call somebody for help. You’re not alone, and abusers must pay for what they’ve done.