Get to know the Ricky Martin Foundation


We all have heard about Ricky Martin as an international pop star, we all have sang his songs and even danced to many of his hits, but did you know that this pop icon has his own foundation dedicated to help those who have been abused or sexually exploited?

Get to know the Ricky Martin FoundationThe Ricky Martin Foundation is an organization that denounces human trafficking and educates people about its existence through community initiatives and many other activities. The foundation has its very own strategy, which are as follow:

Investigate: The foundation does a research in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries to Educate and create awareness on how to Prevent this sort of crimes.

Get to know the Ricky Martin FoundationAlso, the foundation has many special activities to raise money and help those who have been victims of trafficking, such as its Annual Golf Tournament, which takes place in Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico, where all the profits go to strengthen their mission of combatting human trafficking.

Another activity that has been planned recently, is the contest to win tickets and a roundtrip to Las Vegas in a chance to meet Ricky Martin in person on his Monte Carlo Hotel concert residency. The invitation is to donate on a website, and for every $10 donated, the person will receive 100 entries for the grand-prize.


Get to know the Ricky Martin Foundation

Overall, the foundation has many activities to support and help those who have been victims of trafficking, and that’s why we support and spread the word on the excellent labour they are doing to make this crime stop. If all of us help human trafficking stop, it eventually will. The change we want in society starts with us. Let’s all share the dream of the creator of this foundation:

“My dream right now is seeing the abolition of modern day slavery and human trafficking.”

Ricky Martin.