Let’s know more about ChildHelp


During the 1950s, two famous and beautifully young American actresses, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, got hired to entertain American Soldiers during the Korean War, so they had to travel all the way to Tokyo to perform.

During their stay in this city, they got the chance of helping a group of orphans that were on the streets, barefoot and on soaking-wet rags. Before this heart-touching image, the two actresses decided to take the children to their hotel room and help them.

Rafael Nunez Childhelp1

They bathed, fed, played, and tucked the children into bed that night. After this act of generosity, the actresses came up with a huge question: And now, what? As the children were half Japanese, half American (many were the result of American soldier’s affairs with Japanese women) the governments of both countries did not claim them as their citizens, leaving these two women worried about the situation and the future of these infants.

This is how the International Orphans organization was founded, to support and raise these 11 Japanese-American children.  More than 60 years have passed since that day, and this organization has spread all over the US, helping millions of children under poor conditions.

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It has been a long way since its foundation, and many have been helped and supported through the amazing legacy left by these two actresses. Today, we can proudly say that ChildHelp is the largest organization dedicated to help children and young adults who have been victims of child sexual abuse and bullying. Now, more than ever, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson remember those eleven orphans who started it all. Now, more than ever, they are known as two of the most humanitarian actresses of all time.