Awareness Speech in Colombia – October 22, 06


rafaspeech1Rafael Nunez, the Deputy Director of the CPIU made an appearance in Bogotá Colombia at the Politecnico Gran Colombiano University.

Director Nunez provided an insight to students, educators and many others with insightful information on how child predators work and how to help prevent their own children from falling victim.

Also one of our staff member, Andrés Velazquez, kindly explained to the audience such topics as Computer Forensics, Electronics Evidence, Media Collection, Incident Response, Collecting Volatile Data, Imaging Electronic media and Forensics Analysis.

We were very glad to share with the Colombian people and students.


  1. The experiences and knowledge shared by Director Nuñez in Colombia were of the utmost importance. We need to have as many law enforcement operatives adequately trained in more Latin American countries… little do they know about techie issues actually.

  2. It’s very important that events sush as this one take place more often in our country. We are needing stronger laws and cooperation from those countries that have advanced much more than ours in this matter, to keep predators away from Children that use the internet more and more everyday and to create awareness on a true menace.

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