Annual Report – January 05, 06′


Annual Report – January 05, 06′

In 2005 through joint operations with Perverted- Justce, the CPIU handled two major cases, both resulted in Federal arrests and convictions for two serial internet child predators.

Herman May, 47, was arrested at his home in July on charges of first-degree sodomy, first-degree sexual abuse, child abuse of a 10-year old girl and two child pornography charges after an online discussion with a CPIU operative, where he described his activities with the minor and showed webcam footage. After working closely with the FBI in regards to this case, May has since pleaded guilty to all charges, and is facing life in prison.

Three more girls since his arrest have came forward with their own molestation charges against May. All of them relatives that are now in
their early 20s, afraid to speak up about this until what he was doing with his niece was brought out in public and he was arrested. May pleaded guilty to these charges as well.

The US Attorney’s Office in Birmingham AL then announced another indictment against May, a further federal indictment of producing child pornography after his siezed computer was forensically examined.

Then, the locals got involved. May was charged by the Marshall County
District Attorney’s Office with first degree sexual abuse. They say he forced his 10-year old niece to perform oral sex on him.

May has pleaded guilty to all charges, and Sentencing will be before U.S.
District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn in Birmingham, AL.

May is the perfect example, the Poster Boy, for what we do. Here was a
serial child molester and child porn producer, taken permenently out of
society, by CPIU Asst. Special Operations Coordinator Laura Beck.

Another serial internet child troller/groomer/molester was arrested,
charged and pleaded guilty in 2005.

danielthrift5lgDaniel Jasen Thrift, 30, of Daphne AL drove across state lines to Pensacola FL to meet what he thought was a 15 year-old girl for a sexual encounter at the Best Western motel. A team of FBI agents awaited him there instead.

He was arrested, and found in his vehicle were condoms, baby wipes, blankets, and other items he’d said in the online chats, that he would bring. Also found, was a handwritten list with names and addresses of other underage girls in his area he’d met through the internet.

Thrift had been arrested locally in 2001 for using the internet to set up meetings with underage girls, but that case was dropped. He was then exposed by, where he attempted to set up a meeting with what he thought was a 14 yr-old girl, who was in reality a Perverted-Justice contributor. No charges were filed in that case.

Thrift was federally charged with traveling across state lines with the intent to engage in sex with a juvenile and with being a felon in possession of a firearm. The gun charges stemmed from the search of Thrift’s home, where he led authorities to the weapon he’d mentioned in the chat. His computer was also siezed.

Thrift has since pleaded guilty to all charges, and awaits sentencing in March. He’s looking at the probability of 10-25 years behind bars, in a federal prison. He’s guaranteed a minimum of five, by statute, for the weapons charge alone.

Despite previous arrests, and the exposure online by, Thrift persisted in his grooming activities online with underage girls. Two of his real-life molestation victims have since come forward, and charges are pending in those cases.

May and Thrift, two dangerous predators of children, found their ultimate
destiny in 2005. Many thousands more just like them are out there, however, and CPIU will continue to locate and regulate them, with the help and cooperation of law enforcement authorities.

The CPIU accomplished a lot in ’05, we worked with many law enforcement agencies all over the world and have formed partnerships with some of the leading LE agencies who’ve made a true effort to combat child predators.

However, we definitely don’t believe this task is complete, to become most effective we believe the more law enforcement agencies we can work with, the more that can be accomplished as a whole. Sharing information, tactics and evidence is key for maximum effect.

If you are a member of a local law enforcement agency contact us if you want more information on conducting stings against child predators, this does not restrict just to internet child predators. Or, if you’re not a law enforcement officer, ask your local sheriff’s/police departments if they have made any efforts to pro-actively combat child predators offline and online..


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