Jeffrey Sandusky gets arrested for pederasty

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Jeffrey Sandusky, 41, one of Jerry Sandusky’s adoptive sons (a retired college football coach), is confronting 14 charges for sexual abuse to minors. Jerry’s father, Jeffrey Sandusky, got imprisoned five years ago for similar charges, facing a sentence of 60 years in prison. Let’s not forget that, for over 10 years, Jeffrey Sandusky was in charge of a foundation that helped young boys in precarious situations to fulfil their dreams of playing football. For now, the bail imposed by the judge is for $ 200.000.

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According to Lance Marshall, Jeffrey Sandusky’s lawyer, the alleged crimes accusing his client are, among others, requesting a sexual encounter to an underage, soliciting child pornography and trying to pursue his victims to have sex with him under excuses and threats.


The younger Sandusky has been suspended from the State Correctional Institution at Rockview, Pennsylvania, where he worked as a correctional agent. During the first hearing, his mother, Dottie Sandusky got emotional, claiming that her son was completely innocent. It is important to mention that during the hearing of Jerry Sandusky, in 2012, his son and wife supported and defended Jerry’s innocence, posting a video in which they demanded it all to be false and that it was all a plan to damage Jeffrey Sandusky’s and Penn State’s image.