Parental Control: How to take care of your children from the distance?



Did you know that in the UK, almost every ten minutes a police department receives a phone call denouncing a case of grooming? It’s a worrying amount of phone calls, don’t you think? Well, luckily for us, there are ways for preventing and supervising what are kids are watching and doing every time they go online.

As we have already stated on previous posts, grooming is the online approaching of adults towards minors, trying to earn our children’s trust and affection to finally appoint an encounter that might end up on sexual abuse. The attackers, generally, do not show themselves as adults, but they appear to be children around the same age as ours to appeal trustworthy and understanding for them.

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Luckily, technology has evolved to give us better security systems. Even if we’re away from home, we can still keep an eye on our kids, thanks to the invention of apps and softwares that allow us to block and censor those searching results that are inappropriate for our children to watch.

The “Parental Control” tool allows us to check what our children are seeing online, how long they’re on a website for, who they’ve been talking to (via Social Networks and SMS even). We can have access and permission to block inappropriate sites, and even see where our children are, on an eventuality away from home.

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Parental controls are an important ally for modern parents, they assure us our children’s security and safety even when we are not nearby.