18-Year-Old Pedophile Got Arrested After Admitting He’s Abused of Over 50 Children


Joseph Hayden Boston, an 18-year-old Californian, got arrested after confessing to his own mother he had molested two children – age 8 and 4- in the motel where he was staying over the weekend.

The two young boys were also staying in the facility with their parents, and allegedly, their parents had allowed them to go into the suspect’s room.

Boston, who was handed to the police by his own mother, had confessed molesting about 50 children since he was 10 years old in different places where he has lived. Detectives from the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Unit assisted in the investigation, where the suspect was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Centre, with a bail set at $1m.

Rafael Nuñez CPIU

The US police posted the following update on Facebook on Saturday:

“Hours later, the suspect called his own mother stating what he had just done.

Officers interviews the suspect and he confessed to sexually assaulting the two juvenile victims in his motel room”.

Police units believe that all the other victims of Boston’s abuse will come forward soon, as they’re are already asking for anyone with information to contact the local police.