Types of Child Abuse


It is a fact that, as parents, we tend to protect our children up to point when they feel we are overprotecting them. But, as we are currently living on a fast-pace world, in which bullying and many other forms of abuse can cross their lives at any time, it is always prudent to be one step ahead and know some of the multiple ways of abuse there are out there. This, to always be prepared on how to action when a child of our own, or one we know, comes home as a victim of child abuse.

Physical Abuse

Many may think that physical abuse can come only from parents. However, there have been cases of physical abuse coming from teachers and other school mates to kids. For a teacher, this could mean the loss of their licence to teach for a very long period (if not indefinite). Justice has shown that if there are proves of a child being physically abuse by its teacher, the abuser can and will face a time in jail and the revocation of their teaching licence.

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A very common type of child abuse, but that doesn’t get called by its name often is neglection. When a child gets neglected, he or she is a victim of poor daily care, including medical attention, personal hygiene, and even feeding. If a child does not have the primary attention that he or she needs to live, then they’re being victims of neglection and the adults responsible for them could get taken to court and face a sentence in jail.

Emotional Abuse

Calling children names is just one way of this terrible case of child abuse. Children can be very hurtful with words, but the problem isn’t the names they call. The real problem is where do they learn all these names? Are they being victims of these names at home and they’re only imitating a situation they live often? It is important to considerate how the aggressors really are trying to imitate a pattern they are living at home. Emotional abuse is a chain that needs to be stopped from the very first link.

Rafael Nunez Child Abuse

When we learn how to deal with child abuse, no matter the severity of the matter, we’ll be helping, not only the victim, but the abuser as well, as at one point, the aggressor is also a victim of somebody else.