Venezuelan Police Dismantle Child-pornography Case in The Country


After receiving many police reports, that ended up on the activation of a crime investigation, Carlos Alberto Ortiz Mora, age 48, was caught into prison as the leader of a gang dedicated to produce and export child pornography. The latest charged pressed against this man, was the one presented by his stepdaughter, who accused him of attempted rape.

A couple of weeks passed before the investigation ended up on officers taking into prison Ortiz Mora, who was the leader of an international child pornography organization. The officers couldn’t be more surprised as to when they found more than 5.000 files (videos and photographs) on Ortiz’s electronic devices in which he could be clearly seen posing next to children and corpses that had been sent to a morgue in Caracas.

As an extra information in this case, the police found out that Carlos Alberto Ortiz Mora had bank accounts on international currencies, all of them with large amounts of funds. This worked as evidence to incriminate the suspect to international child pornography.

“There are pictures that are 15 years old and more. In many of the files, we could identify a woman who’s on her mid-thirties and that is known to be his current partner and assistant”- an insider added.

So far, there have been two official charges presented against Ortiz Mora, being the most significant one, the one presented by his own stepdaughter. However, police departments do not question the fact that many more could see the light during the upcoming weeks.

It’s relevant to mention that Ortiz Mora was known to be an influential psychology, not only for his office, but for his important academic resumé, highlighting that he was soon to found the Venezuelan Society of Forensic Science.