Taking Action – January 08, 06′


bildeMark Hullet, age 34 from Williston Vermont was found guilty of raping a 6 year old girl for 4 years, I said rape, not molested. So from 6-10 years of age, this girl was raped over, over and over again.

The prosecutor was seeking 20 years imprisonment. Which, honestly, still isn’t enough.

However, Judge Edward Cashman’s sentenced Hullet to a mere 60 days, where he will then be released back into society.

His reason was that child predators have a mental disease and there isnothing prison can do to treat that disease. He did not see why the state of Vermont should waste their money putting him in prison.

0 23 oreilly judge vermontHowever, Vermont’s state code clearly states that a judge should take into consideration the damage done to the victim when issuing a punishment. This judge clearly did not do this.


Action can no longer be made in regards to this, as this case is now closed and minimal action has been made against this judge by politicians in Vermont.