‘Australia is ashamed,’ Human Rights Report Records Hundreds Child Abuse Cases In Detention


The Australian Human Rights Commission submitted an inquiry report late on Wednesday night. The report comes with the recommendation of a royal commission.

The royal commission has to examine the impact on hundreds of children being detained for long periods in immigration detention centres. The report, called “The Forgotten Children,” also asked for the release of all the children from mainland detention and from the detention centre on Nauru.

The commission examined hundreds of incidents of child abuse that included more than 30 cases of sexual assault as well. The report was then submitted to the Australian government on Nov. 11.

The report happens to be the largest survey ever conducted in the world involving children in detention. There were 1129 children whom the inquiry staff interviewed in a period of more than 15 months. The interview period spanned both the Labor and Coalition governments and went on from January 2013 to March 2014.

According to reports, there were 233 recorded cases of child abuse and 33 cases of reported sexual assault, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The royal commission is going to examine “the use of force by the Commonwealth against children in detention and allegations of sexual assault against these children.”

The report has asked 119 children on Nauru to be removed into the Australian community. The report notes that children who are detained indefinitely on Naaru have been “suffering from extreme levels of physical, emotional, psychological and developmental distress.”

Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs has asked for an immediate release of the children in detention. “What is now required, we think, is a full royal commission into a policy that’s been in existence for 23 years that has brought deep damage and despair and misery to thousands of children and their families,” ABC News quotes Triggs. “Australia is ashamed of this policy and we need a new road to deal with these problems.”

Triggs has written wrote in the report that Australia is “better than this.” Australian PM Tony Abbott, on the contrary, called the report as “blatantly partisan.”

Source: International Business Team


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