Child Protection Center needs your help


SARASOTA, FL– With over 30,000 clients each year, the Child Protection Center spends plenty of money to maintain programs and operations. But like many non-profits, years of budget cuts are taking a toll, and now the center is asking for your help.

The Child Protection Center is dedicated to the intervention, prevention, and treatment of child abuse, and now, officials there say they need to raise at least $200,000 dollars to ensure those operations and programs continue without being forced to start a waiting list.

For many children, the first time they walk through these doors at the Child Protection Center, it’s quite possibly one of the worst times in their lives. “Sarasota is not immune to child abuse, so we have victims right here in our communities who need our help and our services,” Doug Staley, Executive Director, Child Protection Center.

But thanks to the programs and services provided here at the center, Staley says by the time the children leave, their hope is that they’re in a better place. “The head of our team is a medical doctor, so it’s a medical model, and we do different assessments. Medical examines, forensic interviews, specialized interviews, psychological assessments and we’re assessing the maltreatment’s, the allegations, and we make recommendations both to the department of children and families and law enforcement.”

But being a non profit, Staley says the center is faced with a challenges every year, “A medical examine for a child who’s being evaluated for allegations of abuse cost $250, so the cost of an exam all the way up to sponsoring education and development classes, and those have costs associated with them too, this is a campus of caring and we have renovation needs as well, one of the estimates was as much as 200,000.”

And thanks to cuts in state funding, this year is no different. But Staley says he has faith that the Suncoast will come through. “When we talk about child abuse, it’s an unpopular topic and we don’t like to acknowledge that it does occur, but one of the things we do know is if we talk about it and we help educate, there’s strength in that.”

The Child Protection Center has several fund-raising events and programs. If you would like to learn more, or make a donation, look under “Links We Mentioned.”

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