Mom charged with child abuse after her daughter’s T-shirt raises questions


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TAMPA, Fla. – A Tampa mom’s plan to publicly shame her daughter backfired and landed her behind bars.

The shirt she allegedly made for punishment ended with 31-year-old Melany Alexander charged with child abuse according to FOX 13.

Part of the shirt reads: “I currently have all F’s in all my classes. I am not aloud (sic) to have a boyfriend no time soon. So back OFF before I get another good whoopin like I got last night”.

It was that “good whoopin” part that caught the attention of school administrators at West Hernando Middle School last week.

A deputy with Hernando County took a closer look and said he found bruises on the child that lined up with a belt whipping, all over her body.

Deputies say Alexander admitted to beating the child because she was failing school. Court records show that she was released on bond from jail but is ordered not to have contact with her child.

Source: Fox4KC