Perth runners kick off marathon campaign to stop child abuse


Perth runners kick off marathon campaign to stop child abuse

PERTH marathon runners haved kick off a gruelling seven-day national fundraising campaign to combat child sexual abuse.

Sixteen WA runners joined the 42km marathon around the Swan River for the Braveheart 777 challenge, which will be held across Australia this week.

Seven marathons will be held across the capital cities over seven days to raise funds for Bravehearts, an organisation which runs counselling, education and case management services for Australian children who have experienced sexual assault.

Ten Aussies have taken on the challenge of flying across the country to compete in all of the events to raise $10,000 each for the campaign.

NSW runner Ian Richards and Victoria runner Ben Robinson were the first to finish the Perth stretch in just three and a half hours.

Currently about 59,000 children are sexually abused each year in Australia.

Bravehearts aims to halve the instances of child sexual abuse by 2020 through school-based prevention programs as well as training, counselling, support and advocacy for survivors.

Originally published as Marathon campaign to stop child abuse.

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