Risk Factors and Recommendations on Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse



Among the many serious forms of child abuse and sexual abuse that lead to horrendous psychological and social consequences, exists what we know as sexual abuse and paedophilia. Having in mind that child sexual abuse is a disorder that leads, through deception, to the sexual gratification of the adult, on an act that presents inequality of strength, without the permission of the victim, a fact that could easily be considered as well as rape and violation.

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On the other hand, there are many conditions that increase the possibilities for this serious attack to happen, and even when we know that any underage is vulnerable to become a victim, we’d like to list out the topics we consider as the most noticeable ones:

  • Family illiteracy (a family culture that disables its members to express emotions.
  • Delegate the responsibility of watching over the children to people who aren’t direct members of the family, such as friends and neighbours.
  • Disrespect to individuality, intimacy and privacy of the younger ones.
  • Disallow and censure of the minor by their parents
  • Small communication between children and the adults of the family.
  • Hostile family environment.
  • Poor family relationship between the parents and the children.

These conditions do not only announce the formation of a vulnerable personality, that it’s also manipulable, but also, it makes it easier for attackers to fulfil their intensions.

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We recommend parents to build strong relationships with their kids, strong bonds, so they can build a strong personality and be confident with themselves.