Cyberbullying: All You Should Know About It


There are many types of bullying, but without a doubt cyberbullying is one of the most dangerous ones. The reason? Anonymity.

As cyberbullying talks place through electronic devices, it is easier for bullies to keep their real identity hidden from the bullied, which makes the scenery even worst for the victim, as the bully could be somebody close to them, using personal information against them.

Cyberbullying: All You Should Know About It

Cyberbullying can happen at any time of the day, any day of the week, and this makes it even harder for the victim, as they feel vulnerable at any moment.

As well as harassing the victim, the bully can post photos online of its victims, which means there are no direct connections between the bully and the bullied, but the effect is the same, and even worst, as the image or message can get spread over the net and reach more people.

Cyberbullies know that using their phones or other electronic devices to cause damage is a tool that, in times, could be hard to track, as they can easily use different IP addresses and delete all the information that could incriminate them.

Cyberbullying: All You Should Know About It

As for the consequences, children who have been bullied have the tendency or are more susceptible start using drugs, start hurting themselves, have severe health problems, present lower self-esteem, and even show the will to skip school indefinitely.

To stop cyberbullying, many schools around the world have started new security policies, mainly oriented to parents, as any sort of uncommon behaviour should always be treated at home first. Through talks and workshops, parents learn to deal with their children, whether they are bullies or being bullied at.

Actions are an important matter to eradicate bullying and hate from our schools, it is a matter of time and effort, but it is not an impossible task.