How to Cope with Sexual Abuse as An Adult


As it is well known, any form of abuse is hard to cope with for its victim. There are many centers and help lines that would take the victims to provide them with life tools and tips that could help them make their lives more bearable and easier in a way. However, there are many people who don’t open up or speak about the abuse they lived as a child until they’ve grown older. The reason? Many.

The human mind is a powerful and wise asset that can block any sort of negative experience from our lives, saving it into our deepest and wildest memories. Nevertheless, anything can trigger that memory at any moment of our lives, a tv show, a smell, a place, a situation, anything! And it is important to have in mind that there are support groups that help adults who have been victims of child abuse in the past.

Rafael Nunez CPIU

If the victim was abused by someone close to them, the effects could be greater, as trust and feelings are involved and are hard to get away from. Many of the survivors feel guilty, and usually tend to start drinking, and other illegal practices (criminal activity, drugs abuse, among others).

There are organizations that offer free and confidential support, as we know how much it means to the victims to keep their identities kept in private. There is no need to worry, these groups have been formed by specialist on the matter, and know how to handle these situations with professionalism and confidentiality.

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If you know somebody, or you have been victim of child abuse in the past, have in mind that you’re not alone, and that there are ways to get out of this. On the web, there are forums and help groups that meet once or twice a week online and that, through conversations and life experiences, can help you relate and overpass this difficult time.