Pedophile Priest Was Found Dead at His Massachusetts Home


The corpse of a pedophile priest was found at his Massachusetts home after being stabbed many times on his chest. Also, the police report indicated injuries of a very large blade being inserted into his rectum, which ended up on fatally damaging several of his internal organs, which made him bleed to death.

The police believed the aggression was made by more than one person, as it was hard to believe that only one person could’ve done all the harm and not being hurt by its victim. As well as the damages mentioned above, the assailant removed the genitals of the priest.

Rafael Nunez Vatican1

Father Archambault was the name of the priest who had been accused of abusing 29 children on multiple occasions, with victims being 5 to 11 years old. And even when only 26 cases were officially investigated by the Vatican, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to conclude the other three cases, it was decided to forbid the sins and to leave it as a church matter, leaving the police out of the case.

The families of the victims were outraged by how the Church uncovered the criminal, asking for real justice. And as a response, the Church only published an open letter to the families stating that the case is now declared closed.

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On the other hand, the Catholic Church released a statement expecting to bring the priest’s killers to justice on the near future.