Let’s Change Together!


Let’s Change Together!

Currently, we are living on an era in which bullying and violence seem to be the main headlines all over the world. In schools, homes, streets and even in our neighbourhoods. We all have known or heard about a case of domestic or child abuse.

Luckily, many initiatives have been created from people who care about this delicate issue. Thus, they have decided to create different ways to communicate who delicate this topic is, “Let’s Change Together” is one of them.

Founded in Venezuela, this video producer has been making videos focused on this social matter, trying to show, from an educational perspective that there is hope still, and that if we work together on establishing family values again, our society will start changing.

Let’s Change Together!

Using audio-visual-media, focused on real-life-stories, this production company seeks to help those who have been victims of violence and educates the rest of the world on how delicate domestic violence is. Trying to create a way in which we can start caring more about this issue and how, as normal citizens of the world, we can help.

We all should thank and support this kind of projects, as they are trying to help and improve our society through educational messages.

If you want to know more about “Let’s Change Together”, you should follow them on the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/letschangetogetherofficial/