Racial and Religious Bullying on Schools


Due to the recent terrorist attacks that have been on the news in many different parts of the world, many children have started getting in touch with their local helplines, asking for assistance on how to deal with racial and religious bullying that they’ve been suffering at school in the recent times.

These types of bullying are not new to the scene. However, and because of all the hate that has been spreading on a variety of sceneries, it has increased considerably in the recent times. As a guide, in the United Kingdom alone, there have more than 2.500 sessions registered on children seeking for help because are being victims of bullying at school, because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs..

Racial and Religious Bullying on Schools

In many of the cases recorded, children have confessed they’ve hurt themselves to ease the pain caused by their schoolmates. It is important to point out the similitudes between the cases, highlighting:

  • Threats of violence
  • Being victims of exclusion and jokes when wearing a visible religious item
  • Being called names, such as terrorist, church-freak- among others

For some children, bullying got so intense and irritating that they stopped attending to classes, dropping school, and isolating themselves at home.

Racial and Religious Bullying on Schools

For parents to know, it is very importadsvnt to always teach our children to love, accept and embrace themselves and their culture, as that is exactly what makes them special and, most of the times, being “different” ends up being a great thing, as it is what defines our spot in a diverse society.