Social Experiment Goes Viral Without Concrete Facts


In recent days, a video about child abduction has gone viral, leaving hundreds of parents terrified with the idea of their children getting easily kidnapped.

The creator of the video, a YouTube personality called Joey Saladino, aka JoeySalads convinces three different women of letting him talk to their children while they’re playing on the playground. With a puppy on his arm, the plan of Saladino is to approach the kids and to pursue them to leave the park with him, as he “has more puppies to show them”.

Social Experiment Goes Viral Without Concrete Facts

The “social experiment” (as Saladino calls this set up scenario) ends up with the children leaving the park with him, and Saladino giving an explanation that over 700 kids get abducted every day, summing up a worrying amount of 255,500 kids abducted per yearin the USA only. A number that has not been confirmed and that do not have any sort of real support.

As a response to this video, that has already reached more than 45 million views on Facebook, many parenting bloggers from America and the rest of the world, have shown their discrepancy with the information given by the Youtuber.

Social Experiment Goes Viral Without Concrete Facts

It is a real fact that many children go missing every day, and that as parents, we need to be on the watch for them. However, it is also a proven fact that many of these abductions are planned and carried out by someone close to the child.

It is a case with many few chances that a kid, no matter the age, goes alone with a stranger just because he has a puppy and if it were the case, the child is not the one to blame, as us, like parents, need to jump into the action if we detect any kind of irregular situation between our kid and a stranger, as we are the ones responsible for their safety.