Seven men jailed over Oxford child abuse ring


Members of a sadistic pedophile ring, found guilty of extreme abuse of schoolgirls as young as 11, have been jailed at the Old Bailey.

Five of the seven gang members were given life sentences and will serve a minimum of between 12 to 20 years for abusing and trafficking young girls.

The five were sentenced for a catalogue of offences by Judge Peter Rook, who spoke of how “police and social services missed telltale signs” about the abuse that was taking place in Oxford, southern England.

“The offences involved the exploitation and abuse of young, highly vulnerable girls in the Oxford area over a long period of time,” said Judge Peter Rook QC.

Religious leaders at 500 mosques across Britain will deliver sermons to hundreds of thousands of Muslims condemning street grooming by gangs.

The campaign organized by Together Against Grooming (Tag) will highlight how the holly Quran condemns sexual indecency.

“The Quran and traditions of our Prophet exhort us to act against evil and injustice, and create just societies. This is the start of what will be a nationwide project in which we seek to work with others to eradicate this practice from all communities,” said Tag spokesman Ansar Ali.

According to latest statistics compiled by local media, Britain has more than 18,000 profiled paedophiles, a majority of whom are being leniently released into the society to repeat their crimes.

A new shocking investigation revealed that more than 400 children face sex offences every week in Britain, one every 20 minutes.


Source: PressTV