Surete du Quebec adds 25 investigators to track cyber-pedophiles


QUEBEC – Decrying the sexual exploitation of children as “the most odious of crimes,” Quebec Public Security Minister Robert Dutil announced Tuesday that the Surete du Quebec will add another 25 investigators to track down and arrest cyber-pedophiles.

The SQ, Quebec’s provincial police force, already has 79 officers and civilian staff assigned to combat cyber-pedophilia, which Dutil said has grown “exponentially” in recent years.

Richard Deschesnes, director general of the SQ, said complaints about cyber-pedophilia have grown in recent years from a less than 100 to 358 last year.

“The protection of our children remains a priority of the Surete du Quebec,” Deschesnes said. “The addition today of resources will allow us to be all the more efficient in doing so.”

Dutil said he would be introducing new legislation to fight cyber-pedophilia. Asked whether his new law could include the chemical castration of convicted offenders, Dutil said only “nothing is excluded.”

Montreal Gazette

Source: Canada