US: Family photos end up on a child pornography site


CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Family pictures uploaded using the popular iPhone Application, Photobucket can get stolen and posted to pedophile websites.

April Miller’s husband uploaded 999 family pictures using the application called on his iPhone. Many of the pictures were of their two sons, who are both under the age of 12. Her husband didn’t know he had to click the ‘privacy’ button.

Miller says she knows the pictures had been circulating for at least a few days before she found out. Miller got a text from someone saying they found the pictures of her sons on the Internet.Miller called 911 and filed a police report.

“They (police) found one of the sites that my son was on,” Miller said. “He said it was on, what he called, ‘A gay pedophilia site’ where people could make comments.”

Even though the website was shut down it didn’t stop the pictures from continuing to circulate.

Miller says she’s had to change her family’s everyday routine. Her sons can’t take the bus every day and they have to take different routes home from school. It’s because Miller is afraid, the people, who go on the pedophile websites, will track her sons down in real life.

“Had my husband would have known to put the privacy on, he would have done it,” Miller said.

Miller hopes to serve as a reminder to other parents what happens when privacy settings aren’t set properly.

In order to protect pictures via websites like Photobucket, customers have to manually go in and click ‘private’ in the settings. Otherwise, the companies allow the pictures to be public.

In Photobucket, customers need to click on their username.’ A page with a list of the albums created will come up. Here customers can see whether it is public or private. To change to private, click on public and the option will pop up.

If customers want to make their entire account private, click on ‘Account Options’ (on top right). Scroll down until you see ‘Edit My Account Settings’ click here. Photobucket will say the albums, by default, are public. Click on that option and change to private. Customers will have to then enter a password to protect their account.

Source: ktvl