Wikisposure profiles 16 pedophiles for Alice Day


wikilogoWe have been very proud with some of the work done on Wikisposure in the past but they’ve truly outdone themselves this time. They’ve taken the Alice Day occasion to expose some very depraved pedophiles. No longer will this be known as Alice Day. From now on, it will be known as Wikisposure Day.




  1. I just wanted to say, with all my heart, that you modern day witch-hunters are the most despicable and immoral people I know of.

    Have you no humanity?

    Pedophiles are people too! Would you treat gays the same way?

    You are the kind of guys that burnt non-christians at the stakes 500 years ago. Or that sent christians into the Colosseum to fight lions 1500 years ago, for that matter.

    Not to mention that a bunch of people on that list are quoted revealing their innermost private secrets looking for HELP. And you in turn “expose them” for it.

    If anyone should face legal consequences due to that list, it should be YOU!

  2. Children should be protected no question about that.
    Western society is overwhelmed with guilt around the issue of sex which has resulted in this subject not being always dealt with fairly or properly. The legal age of consenting sex is confusing and misleading and you won’t stop a determined male or female slightly under that age from doing what they feel inclined to do anyway regardless of the law. Unfortunately a number of people have fallen victim by not knowing the age of a mature looking or seemingly confindent ‘under age’ person and this has resulted in a prison sentence and worse still a lifetime of being witch hunted and ridiculed by the sexually obsessessed media and general public . Some of the so-called ‘under age’ victims have emerged years afterwards to try to extract symbathy and money from the so called perpetrator especially if that person is in the public eye.

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