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Let’s know more about ChildHelp


During the 1950s, two famous and beautifully young American actresses, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, got hired to entertain American Soldiers during the Korean War, so they had to travel all the way to Tokyo to perform.

During their stay in this city, they got the chance of helping a group of orphans that were on the streets, barefoot and on soaking-wet rags. Before this heart-touching image, the two actresses decided to take the children to their hotel room and help them.

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They bathed, fed, played, and tucked the children into bed that night. After this act of generosity, the actresses came up with a huge question: And now, what? As the children were half Japanese, half American (many were the result of American soldier’s affairs with Japanese women) the governments of both countries did not claim them as their citizens, leaving these two women worried about the situation and the future of these infants.

This is how the International Orphans organization was founded, to support and raise these 11 Japanese-American children.  More than 60 years have passed since that day, and this organization has spread all over the US, helping millions of children under poor conditions.

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It has been a long way since its foundation, and many have been helped and supported through the amazing legacy left by these two actresses. Today, we can proudly say that ChildHelp is the largest organization dedicated to help children and young adults who have been victims of child sexual abuse and bullying. Now, more than ever, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson remember those eleven orphans who started it all. Now, more than ever, they are known as two of the most humanitarian actresses of all time.

Let’s Change Together!


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Currently, we are living on an era in which bullying and violence seem to be the main headlines all over the world. In schools, homes, streets and even in our neighbourhoods. We all have known or heard about a case of domestic or child abuse.

Learn More About Sexual Abuse and Paedophilia

Rafael Nunez: Learn More About Sexual Abuse and Paedophilia


When we talk about sexual abuse and paedophilia, it is important to mention that this type of abuse to minors do not always occur through physical contact. The non-contact abuse happens when the child is exposed to pornography or to explicit images that he or she gets from the abuser, who usually takes on social networks to get in contact with its victims and convince them to do things most kids do not understand. Generally, the child gets threated by the abuser of hurting them if they dare to tell their parents. That’s when children fall into a kind of abuse known as grooming.

Risk Factors and Recommendations on Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse



Among the many serious forms of child abuse and sexual abuse that lead to horrendous psychological and social consequences, exists what we know as sexual abuse and paedophilia. Having in mind that child sexual abuse is a disorder that leads, through deception, to the sexual gratification of the adult, on an act that presents inequality of strength, without the permission of the victim, a fact that could easily be considered as well as rape and violation.

Learn More About Sexual Abuse on Children



There are many ways for your children to be victims of sexual abuse, and it doesn’t always have to be through physical contact. In fact, there are ways in which predators can get in touch with young ones and persuade them to do things that most of the time they do not understand, and after being threatened to keep them away from telling their parents, children fall into the grooming situation.

13 Reasons Why: Let’s talk about sexual offense



13 Reasons Why is a web television show based on the 2007 bestselling novel with the same name, written by Jay Asher, that follows the life of a group of teenagers after the death of a schoolmate who committed suicide because of bullying.

Home alone: When is it a good time to start doing it?



On the fast-pace world we are all living in, it seems harder for parents to set an age on kids in which they are mature enough to be left home alone. With all the hazards and risks that our kids are exposed to when there are no adults around them, it’s almost impossible to find a right age to do so.

How much do you know about Child Sexual Abuse?



It is common for children who are being sexually abused to keep the situation to themselves, as they feel worried or ashamed of telling somebody older, fearing they might judge them or reprimand them. Knowing it is very hard for them to open up and speak about it, we offer you a few things you should look up for in a child when you have the suspicion they might be getting abused on a sexual manner.

Making Noise: A project for the unheard



A study commissioned by the Children’s Commissioner for England, during 2015 and 2016, looked for a better understanding of kids and young adults’ experiences after having been sexually abused. The Making Noise project, held in England, sought to help victims in recognising, identifying and disclosing sexual abuse in the family and friend environment. Thus, making their lives easier for them, to talk about the issue and to find confidence and trust in themselves.

How to determine when a child is being abused?



Did you know that, according to official reports, every year there is an average of 3 million reports of child abuse in the US alone? That is, without a doubt, a terrible amount of cases that should be brought down to none immediately. The most worrying part is that it is only the official number, meaning that there are many other cases in which the victim does not speak up about the situation they’re living.