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Cyberbullying: All You Should Know About It


There are many types of bullying, but without a doubt cyberbullying is one of the most dangerous ones. The reason? Anonymity.

As cyberbullying talks place through electronic devices, it is easier for bullies to keep their real identity hidden from the bullied, which makes the scenery even worst for the victim, as the bully could be somebody close to them, using personal information against them.

Rafael Nuñez Cyberbullying1

Cyberbullying can happen at any time of the day, any day of the week, and this makes it even harder for the victim, as they feel vulnerable at any moment.

As well as harassing the victim, the bully can post photos online of its victims, which means there are no direct connections between the bully and the bullied, but the effect is the same, and even worst, as the image or message can get spread over the net and reach more people.

Cyberbullies know that using their phones or other electronic devices to cause damage is a tool that, in times, could be hard to track, as they can easily use different IP addresses and delete all the information that could incriminate them.

Rafael Nuñez Cyberbullying

As for the consequences, children who have been bullied have the tendency or are more susceptible start using drugs, start hurting themselves, have severe health problems, present lower self-esteem, and even show the will to skip school indefinitely.

To stop cyberbullying, many schools around the world have started new security policies, mainly oriented to parents, as any sort of uncommon behaviour should always be treated at home first. Through talks and workshops, parents learn to deal with their children, whether they are bullies or being bullied at.

Actions are an important matter to eradicate bullying and hate from our schools, it is a matter of time and effort, but it is not an impossible task.


Hundreds of People Arrested After Human Trafficking Operation


A state-wide operation was held all over California to combat human trafficking and as a result, 474 people got arrested and 28 sexually exploited children got rescued, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

In the mission, more than 30 federal agents took part, counting the local and state law forces as well that got involved, including the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. This, as the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”, which lasted 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday.

Rafael Nuñez Hundreds of People Arrested After Human Trafficking Operation1

In total, there were 474 arrests, on the list of imprisoned, there were 142 males that already had solicitation charges, and 36 other males that were under suspicion of pimping. In addition, there were 28 children who had been exploited sexually and commercially and other 27 adults who had been victims of the same sort of crime.

After the mission had concluded, the minors who were rescued got specially attended by several children and family services across the state and even after the investigatory work finishes, they’ll be still taken care of, affirmed Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Operation Reclaim and Rebuild focused on rescuing victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking, providing victims with much-needed services, identifying and arresting their captors, seeking successful prosecutions, and disrupting the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting their customers,” the release stated.

Rafael Nuñez Hundreds of People Arrested After Human Trafficking Operation2

“Police agencies and other trafficking task forces throughout our state joined in the enforcement operation to send the clear message that California law enforcement shares a unified mandate: Human trafficking must not be tolerated in our state!” – said McDonnell.

As a way to keep names and identities safe, the authorities did not release or provide any other information than the given in this post.

Child Trafficking: What Is It?


According to the International Labour Organization, around 1.2 million children get trafficked per year, the purposes are many, adaptation, work exploitation, slavery, drug trades, and the most common one, sexual exploitation.

Around the world, there are many organizations that seek to stop this horrible crime, through many methods that help raising money to support the lives of the children that have been victims of a case of human trafficking. As we mentioned earlier, there are many forms of child trafficking and for many objectives. You’ll find a list of the most common ones as follows:

To join armed forces: In many countries, there are organized armed groups that use and train children, mostly under 16, to become real soldiers. Living under hostile surroundings and deplorable circumstances, these victims must learn, from a very young age to defend themselves using weapons and other combat techniques. In many cases, these children have been taken or stolen from their homes and do not understand what is going on as they first arrive to the place where they’ll be kept.

For drugs trading: Children have been used in many regions of the world to serve as a means of transportation for drug trafficking. Dealers pay big amounts of money to use children to take big cargos of drugs from one country to another. Some of the times, children are used under lies, as they ignore the content of the shipment they’re carrying.

Rafael Nuñez Aponte Children Rights1

Sexual exploitation: For this matter, there are no limitations for felony, as the children do not necessary have to be in contact with the aggressor. Online child pornography, or explicit photos of a minor touching himself is also sexual exploitation and it’s penalized with jail.

For forced labour and begging: One of the main purposes for child trafficking is to make money out of them, not only through forced labours, but also, through begging. Many children traffickers kidnap their victims and get them to work as beggars on the streets, using their childhood and innocence to manipulate those who give them money.

Child trafficking is a problem that has been around for many years now, and it is only up to us as a society to work ways to eradicate this commonly sad issue.

Get to know the Ricky Martin Foundation


We all have heard about Ricky Martin as an international pop star, we all have sang his songs and even danced to many of his hits, but did you know that this pop icon has his own foundation dedicated to help those who have been abused or sexually exploited?

Rafael Nuñez Ricky Martin Foundation2The Ricky Martin Foundation is an organization that denounces human trafficking and educates people about its existence through community initiatives and many other activities. The foundation has its very own strategy, which are as follow:

Investigate: The foundation does a research in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries to Educate and create awareness on how to Prevent this sort of crimes.

Rafael Nuñez Ricky Martin Foundation3Also, the foundation has many special activities to raise money and help those who have been victims of trafficking, such as its Annual Golf Tournament, which takes place in Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico, where all the profits go to strengthen their mission of combatting human trafficking.

Another activity that has been planned recently, is the contest to win tickets and a roundtrip to Las Vegas in a chance to meet Ricky Martin in person on his Monte Carlo Hotel concert residency. The invitation is to donate on a website, and for every $10 donated, the person will receive 100 entries for the grand-prize.


Rafael Nuñez Ricky Martin Foundation4

Overall, the foundation has many activities to support and help those who have been victims of trafficking, and that’s why we support and spread the word on the excellent labour they are doing to make this crime stop. If all of us help human trafficking stop, it eventually will. The change we want in society starts with us. Let’s all share the dream of the creator of this foundation:

“My dream right now is seeing the abolition of modern day slavery and human trafficking.”

Ricky Martin.

Do You Know What’s Your Child Sharing Online?


Kids these days have access to many online sites and features that we only dreamt of and saw in the movies. However, this is not always a good thing, as they are more vulnerable for predators, paedophiles, and bullies. Even when kids do not play out in the streets as often anymore, they are the most exposed to danger that children their age have ever been.

Rafael Nuñez Aponte CPIU1

As parents, we surely teach them values and many useful tools that help them develop their character and personality among this society. Though, we don’t seem to teach them how to behave online, as we trust their innocence and exposure to certain sites and apps we consider “safe” but, what we ignore is the fact that many online predators and bullies hide on these apps, claiming to be kids their same age and selling themselves as friendly and sweet-innocent people.

We know this type of conversation may result uncomfortable for us and for our kids, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Here you’ll find some useful tips on how to draw online limits and underline what’s appropriate and what goes beyond those limits:

  • Start the conversation casually, you could even start looking at apps together, and take it from there. Start discussing which sites you like and which ones you think are suitable for your child’s age. Then, listen to their point of view and decide together.
  • Explain there are people who may not be who they seem to be, so explain that they must be very careful on how much they share on their social media.
  • Talk to them about posting and sharing photos online. Ask them to tell you as soon as somebody starts asking for pictures they consider unusual and too private.
  • Discuss how difficult it is to identify someone online, as there are many ways somebody can pretend to be somebody else. Tell them not to share private information, address, schools, etc. This sort of information should never be relevant for anybody apart from family members.

Rafael Nuñez Aponte CPIU2

There’s nothing that could top the feeling of trust between a kid and its parents. So, embrace trust among your family members and talk to them about the danger they’re exposed to when they’re online. Trust is a card only a family must play in their favour.

Sexual Knowledge on Children, What’s Normal and What’s Not?


As parents, we must be ready to face any sort of questions from our children that may leave us wondering “where did they hear about this?”, “It’s too soon for them to know about this or to express this way”. However, we must be alert on how much or how little our children should know about sexuality at a certain age. Here, you’ll find some tips by paediatricians of the American Academy of Paediatrics on what’s normal for children to know and speak about when they reach a determined age in their lives:

Touching and masturbating are normal and very common practices. Still, those are practices that should always be done in private. When a kid starts rubbing himself against others, or asking an adult to engage in specific sexual acts, you should talk to them and let them know that it is inappropriate and that it shouldn’t be done again.  Also, as parents, we have to start finding out where did they get the idea of sharing their privacy and intimacy with others, as these sort of behaviour is not taught in schools or in any other academic entity.

Rafael Nuñez CPIU4

When a kid refers to adult-topics with security, fluency and through crude mimic movements, its when parents should bring the topic into discussion on the next chance they get to talk, as it is very unusual for a child to have a wide range knowledge on sexual matters, specifically on topics merely based on sexuality in a non-educational way.

Children simulating sexual acts, physical aggression, and inappropriate vulgar names for body parts. Let’s keep in mind that in schools, as well as at home, children are taught body part names through their proper names, such as penis, vagina, breasts, testicles, etc. Calling these parts through offensive names is a sign for parents to step in.

Rafael Nuñez CPIU3

When at home, try to talk about sexuality as a normal topic, because it really is. Do not speak with taboos and prohibitions that may leave your children confused and wanting to know more. They probably will try to look for the incomplete information online and with friends, and these sources are clearly not the most accurate and educational ones.

Teach your children to respect their bodies and their friend’s, as it should be a rule to learn which body parts are ok to touch and which aren’t. Teach them that a hug and a handshake are ok to share between friends, but that genitals and buttocks are private parts that nobody, but themselves can touch them.

Rafael Nuñez CPIU1

It is a matter of communication, speak to your children about sexuality and you’ll give them the tools to develop on an environment that will allow them to grow free and secure on what’s right and what has crossed the line of privacy.

Venezuelan Police Dismantle Child-pornography Case in The Country


After receiving many police reports, that ended up on the activation of a crime investigation, Carlos Alberto Ortiz Mora, age 48, was caught into prison as the leader of a gang dedicated to produce and export child pornography. The latest charged pressed against this man, was the one presented by his stepdaughter, who accused him of attempted rape.

A couple of weeks passed before the investigation ended up on officers taking into prison Ortiz Mora, who was the leader of an international child pornography organization. The officers couldn’t be more surprised as to when they found more than 5.000 files (videos and photographs) on Ortiz’s electronic devices in which he could be clearly seen posing next to children and corpses that had been sent to a morgue in Caracas.

As an extra information in this case, the police found out that Carlos Alberto Ortiz Mora had bank accounts on international currencies, all of them with large amounts of funds. This worked as evidence to incriminate the suspect to international child pornography.

“There are pictures that are 15 years old and more. In many of the files, we could identify a woman who’s on her mid-thirties and that is known to be his current partner and assistant”- an insider added.

So far, there have been two official charges presented against Ortiz Mora, being the most significant one, the one presented by his own stepdaughter. However, police departments do not question the fact that many more could see the light during the upcoming weeks.

It’s relevant to mention that Ortiz Mora was known to be an influential psychology, not only for his office, but for his important academic resumé, highlighting that he was soon to found the Venezuelan Society of Forensic Science.

Let’s know more about ChildHelp


During the 1950s, two famous and beautifully young American actresses, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, got hired to entertain American Soldiers during the Korean War, so they had to travel all the way to Tokyo to perform.

During their stay in this city, they got the chance of helping a group of orphans that were on the streets, barefoot and on soaking-wet rags. Before this heart-touching image, the two actresses decided to take the children to their hotel room and help them.

Rafael Nunez Childhelp1

They bathed, fed, played, and tucked the children into bed that night. After this act of generosity, the actresses came up with a huge question: And now, what? As the children were half Japanese, half American (many were the result of American soldier’s affairs with Japanese women) the governments of both countries did not claim them as their citizens, leaving these two women worried about the situation and the future of these infants.

This is how the International Orphans organization was founded, to support and raise these 11 Japanese-American children.  More than 60 years have passed since that day, and this organization has spread all over the US, helping millions of children under poor conditions.

Rafael Nunez Childhelp3

It has been a long way since its foundation, and many have been helped and supported through the amazing legacy left by these two actresses. Today, we can proudly say that ChildHelp is the largest organization dedicated to help children and young adults who have been victims of child sexual abuse and bullying. Now, more than ever, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson remember those eleven orphans who started it all. Now, more than ever, they are known as two of the most humanitarian actresses of all time.

Let’s Change Together!


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Currently, we are living on an era in which bullying and violence seem to be the main headlines all over the world. In schools, homes, streets and even in our neighbourhoods. We all have known or heard about a case of domestic or child abuse.

Learn More About Sexual Abuse and Paedophilia

Rafael Nunez: Learn More About Sexual Abuse and Paedophilia


When we talk about sexual abuse and paedophilia, it is important to mention that this type of abuse to minors do not always occur through physical contact. The non-contact abuse happens when the child is exposed to pornography or to explicit images that he or she gets from the abuser, who usually takes on social networks to get in contact with its victims and convince them to do things most kids do not understand. Generally, the child gets threated by the abuser of hurting them if they dare to tell their parents. That’s when children fall into a kind of abuse known as grooming.