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Shamed by Paedobear: Anti-child abuse mascot turns up at Penn State game in wake of Jerry Sandusky scandal

| January 4, 2012 at 03:33 pm

PaedobearFan dressed in provocative outfit at Penn State’s 30-14 defeat in Ticketcity Bowl, Dallas
Student carried sign saying: ‘Keep quiet and don’t tell anyone’
Former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky denies more than 50 charges of alleged abuse of young boys
Two college authorities face charges over cover-up of alleged abuse

There was double humiliation at Penn State’s final football game of the season, after one student dressed up as anti-paedophile mascot ‘Paedobear’ to protest at the sex scandal cover up at the college.The unknown fan dressed in the provocative outfit during Penn State’s 30-14 defeat in the Ticketcity Bowl in Dallas, Texas, and carried a sign that read: ‘Keep quiet and don’t tell anyone.’

The game between the Nittany Lions and Houston Cougars at the Cotton Bowl stadium was taking place without Penn State’s long-serving coach, Joe Paterno, who was sacked in November over the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal.

Sandusky, assistant coach to Paterno for 30 years, faces more than 50 child sex-abuse charges over decades of alleged abuse of young boys.

Wearing the costume was apparently the idea of a University of Texas fan, furious at the apparent cover up of Sandusky’s alleged abuse.

A user on the university’s sports message board, Ghost of LL, wrote: ‘The conspiracy undertaken by the staff and administrators of the Pennsylvania State University to cover up the rape of children so as not to damage its precious football program is shameful.

‘For a decade, Penn State employees, agents, trustees and officers – from the janitor to the president of the university all the way up to the Lord High Football Coach – knew that Jerry Sandusky was raping children, and doing so on Penn State property.’

Sandusky has said he is innocent of more than 50 charges stemming from alleged sexual assaults over 15 years on 10 boys at his home, on Penn State property and elsewhere.

The scandal prompted the sacking of Hall of Fame football coach Paterno and the school’s long-time president, Graham Spanier.

Former athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz also face charges of perjury and failure to report a crime.

The appearance of the ‘Paedobear’ is the latest blow to the college since the scandal erupted last year.

Last month, Sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing just before the first witness was due to testify against him in a Pennsylvania courtroom.

The 67-year-old said: ‘We fully intend to put together the best possible defence and stay the course for four full quarters.’

His attorney, Joe Amendola, then told reporters if they believed claims against his client they should call 1-800-REALITY – the number of a gay-sex phone service.

And another of his lawyers, Karl Rominger, claimed he had showered with boys from his Second Mile charity to ‘teach them basic hygiene skills’.

The image of the ‘Paedobear’ is apparently used as a signal in online message boards that illegal pornographic images have been posted, although not necessarily paedophilia.

It has since been used to indicate the existence of child pornography or to mock paedophiles and draw attention to their actions.

Source: Daily Mail

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