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Financial Contribution

We are always needing financial contributions. It simply costs money to make these wheels turn. We one day hope to be able to broadcast commercials on the television promoting child safety and awareness of pedophilia. In addition, we do have fees that we encounter on the internet also. We do have to pay fees for our web-domain, and the more money we have, the more we can be active in internet advertising. To donate money, please click the button below. Also, notice the Sponsor Us section of the page!

Banners and Logos
Right click and select ‘save as’ and add it to your site’s server and link to www.cpiu.us – please do not leach banners.

CPIU Banner 1 : 468×60 pixels – English
CPIU banner English

CPIU Banner 1 : 480×60 pixels – Spanish / Español
CPIU banner Spanish

CPIU Banner 1 : 480×60 pixels – Portuguese
CPIU banner Portuguese

CPIU Banner 2 : 795×103 pixels
CPIU banner 2
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CPIU Banner 3 : 468×60 pixels
CPIU banner 3

CPIU Banner 4 : 468×60 pixels
CPIU banner 4

CPIU Banner 5 : 468×60 pixels
CPIU banner 5

CPIU Logo 1 : 150×150 pixels

CPIU Logo 1 : 800×600 pixels
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CPIU Logo 2 :

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