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Trafficking in children

| October 11, 2016 at 09:00 am

ILO - Trafficking in children

Child trafficking is about taking children out of their protective environment and preying on their vulnerability for the purpose of exploitation. Although no precise figures exist, the ILO (in 2005) estimated that 980,000 to 1,225,000 children – both boys and girls – are in a forced labour situation as a result of trafficking.

ILO Convention No. 182 (1999) on the Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) classifies trafficking among “forms of slavery or practices similar to slavery” and thereby a WFCL to be eliminated as a matter of urgency, irrespective of the country’s level of development.


Oklahoma teacher and her husband arrested for alleged child abuse

| September 8, 2015 at 01:12 pm

child abuse cpiuCYRIL, Okla. — An Oklahoma teacher is behind bars for allegedly abusing her 10-year-old stepson.

Tamara Zeno and her husband, Tony Zeno, are behind bars following child abuse allegations.

Tamara teaches English, speech, and drama at Cyril High School in Caddo County; Cyril Superintendent Jamie Mitchell said Tamara has been a model employee for the past three years.

However, her stepson paints a very different picture of her, alleging she hit him with a golf club.

Police are investigating what happened inside a southwest Oklahoma City home, where a 10-year-old boy was visiting for two months over the summer.

That’s where his father, Tony Zeno, and stepmom, Tamara, live.

The boy actually lives with his mother in Colorado. She says he came home looking thinner, and had horror stories to tell about his stay in Oklahoma.

“Obviously, things that cross the line of what a parent can do as far as disciplining a child,” MSgt. Gary Knight said.

The boy’s mother called police in Colorado.

The boy told investigators Tony Zeno choked him, and Tamara Zeno zip-tied him to a chair and forced him to sleep like that. He said the couple also forced him to swallow peroxide and soap. He even said Tamara hit him with a golf club.

Colorado police started an investigation.

The Oklahoma City police report does not say if there is evidence that matches his story.

“I had no idea there was anything like that, most of the people in the neighborhood seem like really nice people. I’m really shocked,” neighbor Tom Johnson said.

Tony and Tamara Zeno were interviewed Tuesday at police headquarters where officers arrested them.

They’re facing multiple charges, including child abuse and child neglect.

As for the boy, he is safe at home with his mother in Colorado.

Superintendent Mitchell said Tamara is still employed with Cyril Public Schools, and substitutes are covering her classes.

He told us he’ll make a decision about her job there once they learn more from police.

Source: kfor.com

Police child abuse investigations: 38 per cent ‘inadequate’

| July 2, 2015 at 04:23 pm

A series of inspections of police forces in England and Wales has found worrying levels of inadequate investigations into child abuse and neglect, plagued by drift and delay.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary said it’s findings demonstrate an under-recognition and under-estimation of the risk to children and warns of a danger of failing a an entire generation unless there a complete re-assessment of approach.

Examples found includes a case where it took three months to interview a man whose nine-year-old grandson accused him of rape, and another where police and social workers decided the cause of vaginal bleedings in a four-year-old girl was eczema, despite the child alleging she’d been abused by a family member.


Threats have been made against Evergreen parents accused of child abuse

| July 1, 2015 at 07:54 am

EVERGREEN, Colo. — Threats have been made against the Evergreen couple accused of starving their six-year-old daughter, law enforcement sources told Channel 2.

Jason Barton, 40, and Katie Barton, 36, face child abuse resulting in serious bodily harm.

Their daughter weighed just 25 pounds when the couple brought her to Children’s Hospital on June 10.

The parents admitted taking their daughter out of kindergarten and placing locks on their refrigerator to keep their oldest child from eating.


Social Service Workers Lose 92 Cases of Possible Child Abuse

| June 23, 2015 at 07:21 am

More than 90 cases involving possible child abuse or neglect in Northern Kentucky have been lost, with some languishing for months before being recently discovered, state social service officials said.

The Courier-Journal ( http://cjky.it/1LfkpcF ) reported Monday officials from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services have been scrambling to assign 92 cases that were found in the Boone County office earlier this year, according to the records. The cases included babies born with drugs in their system, children living with heroin addicts — one in a home where an adult overdosed — and children exposed to violence, firearms and other hazardous situations.

Under Kentucky law, if average caseloads per worker rise above 25 for more than 90 days, the cabinet is required to report that to the governor and the legislature. National accreditation standards limit caseloads to 18 per worker. (more…)

Parents who shame kids are committing ‘child abuse’: psychology prof

| June 9, 2015 at 07:44 am

TORONTO — A University of Toronto psychology professor is sounding off on the lasting impact a parent’s shaming can have on children. It’s a topic that has been thrust back into the spotlight following the recent suicide of a 13-year-old girl in Tacoma, Wash.

Days before her death, a 15-second video of Izabel Laxamana was posted to YouTube.

“The consequences of getting messed up: Man, you lost all that beautiful hair,” the man in the video, believed to be her father, said as he panned from the girl — looking utterly deflated — to strands of long, black locks on the ground. (more…)

New Zealand’s shocking child abuse statistics

| June 2, 2015 at 07:13 am

A child is admitted to a New Zealand hospital every second day with injuries arising from either assault, neglect or maltreatment, research says.

Nearly half of them are aged under five.

The figures, which are likely under reported, are contained in a 2012 report prepared for the Ministry of Health by the NZ Child and Youth Epidemiology Service.

Officials say child abuse remains a significant problem in New Zealand and a series of changes have been made to try and prevent it from occurring.


Education key to battling child abuse

| May 15, 2015 at 07:17 am

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children teaches students to protect themselves by identifying, fighting and reporting crime

Efforts to stem child abuse in Dubai are producing results, say front line workers fighting the problem.

Afra Al Basti, Director-General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC), said her organisation recorded a 26 per cent drop in the number of cases of children being abused from 2013 to 2014. (more…)

How child abuse hotlines hurt the very children they’re trying to protect

| May 11, 2015 at 09:40 am

Anonymous callers make unsubstantiated accusations all the time. Once CPS gets involved, families get trapped.

The recent media obsession with “free range” parenting has illuminated a policy issue which rarely affects parents who debate free range parenting: the exploitation of child abuse reporting hotlines.

Each year, about 3.4 million calls are made to these state-run phone lines. Tragically, only a fraction of these calls are made by trained professionals reporting actual abuse or neglect. (more…)

Bullying May Leave Worse Mental Scars Than Child Abuse

| April 28, 2015 at 07:43 am

Being bullied during childhood may have even graver consequences for mental health in adulthood than being neglected or sexually abused, according to the first-ever study to tease out the effects of peer abuse from childhood maltreatment.

Children in the study who had been bullied by their peers, but didn’t suffer maltreatment from family members, were more likely to have depression and anxiety in adulthood than children who experienced child abuse but weren’t bullied, according to researchers from the United States and United Kingdom. (more…)